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Mit über 20 Jahren Erfahrung in Forschung und Entwicklung in unterschiedlichsten Bereichen haben wir uns nachhaltiges Wissen und die Fähigkeit zu schnellen Problemlösungen in interdisziplinären Themenfeldern angeeignet. Durch Kundenwünsche haben sich in den letzten Jahren die Schwerpunkte Automatisierung, Produkt– und Prozessentwicklung herausgebildet, und durch die Nähe zu Großforschungseinrichtungen, Hochschulen und Kunden aus Hochtechnologiebereichen lernen wir auch heute noch täglich Neues und halten uns auf dem neuesten Stand. Um Ihnen nur einige Beispiele zu nennen stellen wir Ihnen im Folgenden einen stichpunktartigen Auszug aus unserem Wissensportfolio, basierend auf aktuellen und abgeschlossenen Projekten, zusammen.

Vacuum and media technology

Automatisierte Probenhandhabung im Ultrahochvakuum

We develop and design from HV to XHV appliances to scale separation or from standard components according to your requirements, supplemented by a well-founded selection of all required pumps and measuring instruments.

For more than 20 years, we have been working on and with low- and medium-energy accelerators and understand our instrumentation and analysis methods.

We develop and construct your gas and media infrastructure and integrate it into automation if required.

Industrial Tape Application Invisible


Hole closure is a classic application for tapes, in which the production-related holes in car chassis are closed by means of tape punching parts. Here we offer intelligent high-speed robot heads for a wide range of situations. The design does not require any additional control cabinets and is therefore ideal for a highly available, cost-effective version with off-site service worldwide.

The assembly of cables in cars is still essentially manual work today. We are pleased to support you all the way to a (partial) automation of the process.

In addition to the hole closure, we also look at other advanced possibilities of automating tape applications in cars and electronics.

FEM and particle simulations

We use FEM as standard in design (e.g. using Autodesk Inventor) as well as for more complex physical phenomena such as flow simulations.

Geant4 is a simulation tool used in particle physics and radiotherapy to model the behavior of radiation in matter.

As part of product development, we model optical components, e.g. for the development of light guides in enclosures.

Electronics and electrical construction

Circuit development is an important expertise of our company, which enables us to react very quickly to and implement special needs for electronics in development and research projects. We mainly use Altium Designer.

Creating ePlans is a matter of course for us, for example when planning for the implementation of automation projects.

We routinely perform VDE 0701-0702 and VDE 0100 tests.

We provide an extensive amount of laboratory equipment of measuring instruments to carry out a smooth examination of developments, e.g. if the developments are in accordance with the standards of the automotive industry.

Rapid Prototyping Hardware/Software

For years, we have been using 3D printing methods as needed in our development projects to save costs and time, especially in the creation of prototypes.

Using suitable scripting languages greatly shortens test phases. Here, the focus mainly lies on python, which we have been using regularly since the mid-1990s.

Programming Invisible Invisible

Based on the application, we use various programming and scripting languages. Of course, this also includes web applications, which are an interesting alternative to conventional user interfaces like WinCC, especially in automation.

For many tasks in microelectronics, but also for special tasks in automation, we use and develop solutions based on ARM Cortex MCUs.

If appropriate, we use a wide range of PLCs (Siemens S7, Festo, etc.) for our automation projects -this we plan ourselves.

Ionizing radiation


After more than 20 years of gaining experience in spectroscopy of ionizing radiation, we know all common detection and signal processing methods, analog and digital.

Through years of research at the online isotope separator ISOLDE at CERN, we have in-depth knowledge of many radionuclides, such as their gamma signatures due to their decay, as well as possibilities of their synthesis.

Based on 10 years of experience we have specialist knowledge in radiation protection, which we regularly maintain through further training.

Optical spectroscopy

Time-resolved spectroscopy for measuring lifetimes and energy transfer mechanisms

Ultra-fast spectroscopy using streak cameras and photomultipliers

The determination of optical properties, especially in transmission, has accompanied us for a long time in many of our projects.

Injection moulding Invisible text

Injection moulding has accompanied us in many projects from the very beginning. We design models for injection moulds and, if necessary, also coordinate production with our suppliers.

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