High voltage under control

DigiBrick enables the digital control and monitoring of high-voltage modules of the A-series from the manufacturer Ultravolt.

  • Full support of the A-series from the manufacturer Ultravolt
  • Including. Relay connection for 24 V relays
  • Measures and digitizes the voltage values on the monitor connectors of the high-voltage modules
  • Power-saving during the switching process, thus also suitable for battery operation
  • Control by galvanically isolated I2C connection
  • The voltage of the high voltage module can be switched

Item no.: NVDB1701A

The modules of this series generate adjustable output voltages with model-dependent maximum values between 1 kV and 40 kV. The control, which varies greatly from model variant to model variant, makes integration into digital plant automation difficult.

The DigiBrick-UVA interfaces overcome these problems and enable uniform and easy control of all Ultravolt modules of the A series via a simple and isolated I2C interface. DigiBrick-UVA not only allows the desired output voltage to be set, but also reads back the signals for output voltage and output current and digitizes them. With DigiBrick-UVA together with high-voltage modules from Ultravolt, the construction of extremely compact but precise adjustable and readable high-voltage power supplies is possible.

To realize bipolar high-voltage sources, it is possible to connect two ultravolt modules as well as a relay to a single DigiBrick UVA module to select the desired module. Alternatively, a DigiBrick-UVA can also be used to build up a two-channel power supply.

Power supply24 V
Power consumption100 mA
ControlI2C (galvanically isolated)
Dimensions80 x 40 x 33 mm3
Weight200 g
DeliveryDigibrick-UVA for the direct Monday of the Ultravolt modules

Product flyer: DigiBrick-UVA.pdf