Die-cut dispenser for Pick & Place applications

Die-cut dispensers from our P&P DCD family are reliable and economical solutions to supply Pick & Place grippers, e.g. from robots, with die-cuts. This allows quick, reliable and precise application of self-adhesive die-cuts.

The devices are used, for example, for hole covering of car bodies, the precise positioning of self-adhesive die-cuts for display bonding and bonding processes in the construction of advanced battery designs.

Above, you can see the model P&P-DCD / 96mm as an example.

Numerous available options address specific requirements and extend the scope of use of the devices. In particular, an extremely space-saving integration into safety fences of robot cells is possible as well as an integration into fieldbus systems providing real-time consumption and process data for higher-level process monitoring.

For an overview of the features and options of the P&P-DCD series, you may download our brochure.