Unlocking existing potentials

Automated production lines already provide considerable amounts of data due to the sensors required for their functionality. Making this data from the field level accessible to higher-level systems is usually feasible with little effort and manageable costs. This has enormous potential, as the additional information can massively improve production control, resource and capacity planning and, last but not least, quality monitoring.

In order to be able to raise the enormous potentials existing in this approach, it is often necessary to think “outside the box”.

In most cases, the greatest advantages can be achieved by combining software interfaces from different worlds (field level, control system, production planning, ERP), which are often designed and implemented in completely different ways in existing software landscapes.

We are ideally positioned due our highly qualified team to work with you finding the shortcuts and to implement excellent tailor-made solutions.

Optimizing planning phases

When planning new plants, we routinely evaluate and optimize interoperability in advance through intensive testing with the underlying digital twins in order to minimize downtime and largely eliminate risks during commissioning.

  • Identify and provide relevant sensor data

    New links between existing sensor data make it possible to gain relevant insights with little effort

  • Planning maintenance in a targeted manner

    By intelligent evaluation of production data, maintenance intervals can be optimized

  • Providing production data for ERP systems

    Customised interfaces between production and management networks allow for more precise production planning without compromising security

  • Optimizing commissioning

    Digital twins enable concise commissioning and shorten downtime for maintenance purposes.