Plant development

Plant engineering


We develop and build production facilities

We automate and modernize your existing production facilities and develop, plan and build new plants.

From the definition of requirements (requirements engineering) and the comparison and selection of suitable plant concepts and machines to the development of machines and components for tasks for which no satisfactory solutions are available on the market, we can cover the entire spectrum as required.

We are manufacturer neutral and adapt extensions of existing plants in such a way that uniform systems with a high equal component content can be achieved.

From special machine design to control technology, our employees have expertise and ensure project execution without frictional losses between manufacturers or trades.

If it makes sense for the projects and is acceptable to the customers, we also include plant concepts using used robots in the comparison. Especially in machine chaining applications in existing production lines, it is often a surprisingly economical solution with significantly reduced special machine requirements and very short return-on-investment periods.